Where to Find Quarters: 13 Convenient Places to Secure Your Change

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States faced shortages in various commodities, ranging from automobiles to essential paper products. Surprisingly, one of the items that became scarce during this period was quarters.

Several factors contributed to this coin shortage. The temporary closures or reduced hours of retail businesses, where coins typically circulate, played a significant role. Additionally, customers grew hesitant to use cash because physically touching bills and coins could play a role in spreading the virus. Social distancing measures at the U.S. Mint further limited coin production.

With the reopening of businesses, there was a significant increase in the need for coins, particularly quarters. However, the supply failed to keep up with this rising demand. This shortage presented obstacles for consumers, especially in activities like parking and doing laundry, where saving money became more difficult due to the logistical challenges posed by the lack of available coins.

To address this issue, here are 13 places where you can obtain quarters without resorting to extreme measures:

The Bank

For larger quantities of quarters, visit your local bank. Banks typically provide quarters in $10 rolls, each containing 40 quarters.

Grocery Stores

Approach the customer service desk to exchange a $10 bill for a roll of quarters. If denied, make a small purchase at the checkout and ask for change.

Convenience Stores

Despite limited grocery options, convenience stores are advantageous for obtaining quarters, especially when other businesses are closed.


Late-night pharmacies like CVS and Rite Aid may exchange a few dollars for quarters. Make a small purchase to facilitate the exchange.

Gas Stations

Visit the convenience store or customer service counter at a gas station to ask for change. Making a small purchase or using a debit card for cash back can also yield quarters.

Fast Food Establishments

Ask for change at the checkout during non-busy hours. Make a small purchase or request change from the tip jar with the cashier’s approval.

Vending Machines

Most vending machines accept dollar bills and provide change in coins. However, the denominations may vary, and repeated purchases may be necessary.


Many laundromats have change machines or can provide quarters at the counter. Confirm their policies before making a purchase.

Car Washes

Coin-operated car washes often have change machines in the office or can provide change at the customer service desk.


Old-school arcades exclusively use quarters for video games. Check for change machines or inquire with the cashier.

Retail Chains

Approach the customer service desk or checkout at major retail stores, but be prepared to make a purchase to receive change.

Change From a Purchase

Pay in cash for a purchase at various retail stores, specifying your preference for quarters.

Friends, Family & Coworkers

In a hurry, ask acquaintances for spare quarters. Be considerate during a coin shortage, and reciprocate the favor when possible.

Despite the decline in everyday quarter use, maintaining a small stash can be beneficial. Whether for an older laundromat, vending machine, or a spontaneous yard sale, having quarters on hand ensures you’re prepared for unforeseen situations. So, a quick trip to the bank or convenience store today can save you from future inconveniences.

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