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Review of Caliber Home Loans in 2024


In the realm of mortgage lending, Caliber Home Loans emerges as a significant player, renowned for its extensive range of mortgage products catering to a diverse clientele. This review intends to present a detailed analysis of Caliber Home Loans. It will cover various aspects such as the company’s pros and cons, customer satisfaction ratings, available mortgage options, the application process, rates and fee structure, and transparency in rate disclosure. The review will also suggest alternative options that borrowers can consider.

Customer Satisfaction:

Caliber Home Loans consistently garners commendable scores for customer satisfaction, as evidenced by reputable industry studies conducted by organizations such as J.D. Power and Zillow. These ratings underscore the positive feedback received from customers regarding their experiences throughout the mortgage origination and servicing journey.

Mortgage Options:

A hallmark of Caliber Home Loans is its robust mortgage offerings, encompassing conventional and government-backed loan products tailored to diverse borrower needs. From traditional fixed-rate mortgages to adjustable-rate options, Caliber ensures a comprehensive array of choices. Furthermore, the company extends specialized loan programs targeting specific borrower segments, such as self-employed individuals, seasoned real estate investors, and military personnel seeking VA loans.

Application Process:

Caliber Home Loans primarily guides individuals through the mortgage application process via its online platform. Prospective borrowers kickstart the procedure by providing essential contact details. The company allows applicants to conveniently track their application progress and utilize payment features using its dedicated app. However, some recent user reviews have pointed out potential usability issues. Additionally, the lack of online chat support means that applicants may need to depend on telephonic assistance from licensed loan advisors, causing slight inconveniences. For a more seamless experience, Caliber Home Loans could consider incorporating free budgeting sheets within its online resources.

Rates and Fees:

While Caliber Home Loans refrains from publicly disclosing mortgage rates on its website, borrowers can engage directly with the company to solicit information regarding rates and associated fees. Notably, while the company’s origination fees are deemed average, its mortgage interest rates stand competitive relative to peers in the industry. Nevertheless, the need for rate transparency on the website presents a notable hurdle for borrowers striving to make well-informed comparisons during their mortgage selection process.

Rate Transparency:

An area for improvement for Caliber Home Loans is rate transparency. Calibre’s website does not disclose such information, unlike certain competitors, who furnish comprehensive details regarding mortgage interest rates in a generalized or customized format. Consequently, prospective borrowers must initiate direct correspondence with the company to ascertain rate-related particulars, which impedes their ability to conduct seamless rate comparisons.


For borrowers contemplating alternatives to Caliber Home Loans, several analogous lenders populate the mortgage lending landscape, each specializing in distinct mortgage products. Veterans United Home Loans, for instance, specializes in VA loans, extending tailored solutions to military personnel. Concurrently, New American Funding emerges as a viable alternative, offering flexible mortgage options designed to accommodate the unique requirements of self-employed borrowers.


In conclusion, Caliber Home Loans is a prominent player in the mortgage lending industry, known for its steadfast commitment to providing excellent customer service and a diverse range of mortgage solutions. While the company commands commendable ratings in industry assessments, opportunities persist for refining its digital interface and fortifying transparency in rate disclosure. Prospective mortgage seekers are advised to meticulously evaluate their options, considering facets such as customer satisfaction, available mortgage offerings, and transparency in rate disclosure to identify the optimal mortgage solution aligning with their distinct needs and preferences.

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