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Introducing Innovative Investment Portfolios

Our Smart Alpha portfolios offer a unique blend of investment expertise, combining core principles with cutting-edge strategies. These portfolios are designed to cater to a wide range of investors, providing opportunities for enhanced returns while maintaining transparency and alignment with individual risk preferences and financial goals.

Key Features of Smart Alpha Portfolios:

  1. Portfolio Composition: These portfolios consist of globally diversified exchange-traded funds (ETFs), carefully selected to match various risk profiles and investment objectives. Additionally, they incorporate innovative active ETFs, leveraging extensive research and experience from leading investment professionals.
  2. Active Management: The asset allocation of Smart Alpha portfolios is actively managed by a dedicated team of experts. Tactical adjustments are made over time based on thorough research and insights from seasoned professionals, ensuring alignment with market conditions and investment opportunities.
  3. Risk Levels: Investors can choose from a range of risk levels, from low to high, to match their risk appetite and investment preferences. Each portfolio is tailored to provide the appropriate level of risk-return balance, allowing investors to align their investment strategy with their financial goals.
  4. Liquidity: Smart Alpha portfolios offer investors the benefit of liquidity, which means that they can access their funds within just a few days. Whether you choose a stocks and shares ISA or a general investment account, you can easily manage your investments according to your needs, with the flexibility to withdraw your funds when required. This makes Smart Alpha an attractive investment option compared to other investment options.

Other Investment Styles Available:

In addition to Smart Alpha portfolios, investors have access to a variety of investment styles to suit their preferences and objectives:

  • Fully Managed: A proactive approach to portfolio management, where investments are actively monitored and adjusted to capitalize on market opportunities.
  • Thematic Investing: Investing in long-term trends that are shaping the future, providing exposure to emerging opportunities across various industries and sectors.
  • Socially Responsible Investing (SRI): Incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into investment decisions, aligning with values and sustainability goals.
  • Fixed Allocation: A cost-effective investment option that maintains a fixed allocation of assets without active intervention, ideal for those seeking a passive investment approach.

Performance and Asset Allocation:

Investors require full transparency and in-depth insights into their portfolio performance. To cater to this need, we provide a comprehensive and detailed account of the performance of Smart Alpha portfolios, along with asset allocation information. Our three-year track record highlights the consistent performance of Smart Alpha portfolios, showcasing how our investment strategy has withstood the test of time. This enables investors to make informed decisions by comparing our performance to benchmarks and peers, providing a clear view of our competitive standing. The goal is to offer investors a complete and transparent view of their investments for peace of mind and confidence in their decision-making.


The Smart Alpha portfolios, backed by cutting-edge strategies, present investors with a chance to boost returns while adhering to their risk preferences and financial goals. By incorporating active management, diversified asset allocation, and transparent performance reporting, these portfolios emerge as an enticing investment solution for those looking to optimize their investment outcomes within their budget for finances.

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