Unpacking Loan Options and Pros,Cons

Guild Mortgage Review 2024: Unpacking Loan Options and Pros/Cons

Obtaining a mortgage is a pivotal milestone in achieving homeownership, and Guild Mortgage distinguishes itself as a leading choice, with a special focus on first-time homebuyers like you on a budget. This evaluation offers a thorough examination of Guild Mortgage’s features, highlighting its advantages, drawbacks, and a variety of loan alternatives. It equips individuals seeking a home loan to make well-informed choices tailored to their financial constraints.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Diverse Loan Options:
  • Guild Mortgage distinguishes itself by offering a wide array of loan options, including specialized programs like home improvement loans, mortgages for manufactured homes, and government-backed loans such as FHA, VA, and USDA loans.
  1. Branch Availability:
  • With branches spanning most states, Guild Mortgage ensures a physical presence, catering to borrowers who prefer in-person interactions during the application process.


  1. Higher Origination Fees and Mortgage Rates:
  • Federal data indicates that Guild Mortgage tends to have higher origination fees and mortgage rates compared to industry averages, potentially impacting overall borrowing costs.
  1. Limited Online Mortgage Rate Information:
  • Guild Mortgage does not publish its mortgage rates online, requiring prospective borrowers to engage with a loan officer directly to obtain this crucial information.
  1. Mixed Reviews for the Mobile App:
  • The mobile app provided by Guild Mortgage receives predominantly negative reviews from users, suggesting improvement in terms of functionality and user experience.

Guild Mortgage Loan Options:

Guild Mortgage excels in catering to diverse borrower needs, offering specialized loan programs:

  1. Government-Backed Mortgages:
  • Proficiency in FHA, VA, and USDA loans, making Guild Mortgage an ideal choice for first-time homebuyers. Approximately 30% of Guild’s mortgages in 2022 were FHA and VA loans.
  1. Innovative Loan Programs:
  • Guild Mortgage introduces unique programs like the 1% Down Payment Advantage, BuyNow Advantage, and GreenSmart Advantage, providing flexible options for qualified buyers.
  1. ITIN Mortgage Program:
  • Guild accommodates home buyers without Social Security numbers through its ITIN mortgage program, allowing loans up to $1.25 million.
  1. Home Equity Loan:
  • Guild Mortgage offers a home equity loan allowing homeowners to access existing home equity without refinancing. This second mortgage can be used for home improvements or debt consolidation.

Applying for a Guild Mortgage:

Guild Mortgage’s digital mortgage platform facilitates a streamlined application process, offering features like paperless applications and document uploads. The company boasts a 17-day closing guarantee for qualifying pre-approved borrowers, accelerating the traditional closing timeline. However, the mobile app’s negative reviews suggest a need for enhancements.

Guild’s Mortgage Rates and Fees:

While Guild Mortgage provides various loan options, its origination fees and mortgage rates trend higher than industry averages. The absence of online mortgage rate transparency necessitates direct communication with loan officers for rate information.


For borrowers exploring alternatives, lenders like New American Funding and Northpointe Bank, offering FHA 203(k) mortgages and low down payment options, respectively, present viable choices.


Guild Mortgage emerges as a versatile player in the mortgage landscape, particularly catering to first-time homebuyers with innovative loan programs. While its diverse offerings and physical presence through branches are strengths, potential borrowers should weigh the higher origination fees and mortgage rates. The review aims to equip individuals with the necessary information to navigate Guild Mortgage’s offerings and make informed decisions aligned with their homeownership goals.

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