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CrossCountry Mortgage Review 2024: Evaluating Options for Homebuyers

Selecting the right mortgage lender constitutes a pivotal stage in the homebuying journey. This thorough analysis delves into CrossCountry Mortgage, a financial institution that specifically caters to nontraditional borrowers, first-time homebuyers, and individuals looking for swift approval. By assessing the advantages, disadvantages, borrower testimonials, available loan choices, and the application procedure, this review endeavors to equip potential homebuyers with the insights necessary to make well-informed decisions in their financial spreadsheet.

Pros and Cons of CrossCountry Mortgage:


  1. Diverse Loan Options: CrossCountry Mortgage has diverse loan types, these include jumbo loans, loans for manufactured homes, government loans (FHA, VA, and USDA), home equity loans, and HELOCs.
  2. Accessibility Programs: The lender provides down payment grants and a FastTrack Credit Approval program, allowing borrowers to close on a loan in as little as seven days post-offer.


  1. Limited Online Information: CrossCountry Mortgage does not post rates online, requiring potential borrowers to contact them directly for rate quotes.
  2. Higher Rates and Fees: Both mortgage rates and fees are reported to be higher than the industry average.
  3. No Live Chat Support: The lender lacks customer service via live chat, potentially limiting communication options for borrowers.

Borrower Experiences with CrossCountry Mortgage:

Customer Satisfaction Ratings:

  • J.D. Power’s Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study: CrossCountry scores 737 out of 1,000, exceeding the industry average of 730.
  • J.D. Power’s Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study: CrossCountry scores 646 out of 1,000, surpassing the industry average of 601.
  • Zillow Customer Rating: CrossCountry receives an impressive 4.97 out of 5, reflecting positive customer reviews from over 20,235 customers.

CrossCountry Mortgage’s Loan Options:

Loan Variety:

  • Conventional and jumbo loans.
  • Government-backed options: VA loans, FHA loans, and USDA loans.
  • Special programs for cost reduction, including buydown programs, down payment assistance, and community-specific assistance.

Home Equity Options:

  • CrossCountry has both HELOCs and home equity loans, providing homeowners with flexible access to existing home equity for various purposes.

Application Process and Communication:

Application Experience:

  • Borrowers can fill out an application on CrossCountry’s site after creating an account and being matched with a mortgage representative.
  • The FastTrack Credit Approval program allows for closing within seven days post-offer for preapproved borrowers.

Communication Challenges:

  • Communication with CrossCountry is reported to be somewhat challenging, with no listed customer service hours or live chat support.
  • The review notes difficulty in reaching customer service and receiving unanswered questions.

Mortgage Rates and Fees:

Origination Fees and Interest Rates:

  • CrossCountry earns 2 out of 5 stars for both average origination fee and mortgage interest rates.
  • NerdWallet analysis indicates that CrossCountry’s rates and fees are on the higher side compared to industry averages.

Rate Transparency:

  • CrossCountry lacks providing sample rates on their website, requiring borrowers to contact them directly for rate quotes or preapproval.

Alternatives to CrossCountry Mortgage:

  • First-time homebuyers may explore mortgage options from PNC.
  • Borrowers seeking dedicated programs for underserved communities might consider New American Funding.


CrossCountry Mortgage offers a diverse range of loan options, making it suitable for various borrower profiles. While customer satisfaction ratings are generally positive, the lender faces challenges in communication, and higher-than-average rates and fees may influence borrower decisions. Prospective homebuyers are encouraged to accurately understand their requirements and make the right decision.

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