A Closer Look at the Dominance of Apple and Samsung in 2023

A Closer Look at the Dominance of Apple and Samsung in 2023

As mobile commerce continues to thrive, understanding the smartphone market share in the United States becomes important for businesses looking to optimize their mobile websites. Let’s delve into the latest data, as of December 2023, to see how Apple and Samsung lead the US smartphone market:

US Smartphone Market Share Breakdown

1. Apple Takes the Lead:

Apple dominates the US smartphone market with an impressive 61.3% market share.

More than half of all smartphones sold in the US are Apple devices.

2. Samsung Trails Behind:

Samsung secures the second spot with a 22.03% market share.

While substantial, Samsung’s share is significantly lower, trailing Apple by 39.27 percentage points.

3. Apple and Samsung’s Combined Dominance:

Apple and Samsung collectively command a staggering 83.33% of the US smartphone market.

Over eight out of every 10 smartphones in the US are either iPhones or Samsung devices.

4. Other Players in the Market:

Motorola holds the third-largest market share at 3.5%.

Google follows with 2.37%, and Xiaomi with 1.16%.

The combined market share of Motorola, Google, and Xiaomi is 7.03%.

Samsung vs. Apple Market Share Trends

1. Apple’s Sustained Lead:

Apple’s current market share is more than double that of Samsung’s.

Over the past decade, Apple’s share has remained steady, ranging from 50.85% to 59.54%.

2. Samsung’s Growth Trajectory:

Samsung has significantly increased its market share, more than doubling it over the years.

The most notable growth occurred between 2011 and 2014 when Samsung’s share rose from 9.12% to 25.34%.

3. Evolving Landscape:

In 2011, Apple held a wider lead with a market share of 54.04%, while Samsung lagged at 9.12%.

The narrowing gap isn’t due to Apple’s decline but rather Samsung’s remarkable growth.

In the dynamic landscape of the smartphone market, businesses need to adapt their mobile strategies to match the preferences of Apple and Samsung users, who jointly hold a significant presence in the US market. As mobile advertising expenditures continue to rise, it becomes crucial for businesses to focus on these platforms to effectively engage the majority of smartphone users in the United States, all while ensuring a free budget for optimization efforts.

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