4 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Credits Online – Fast & Easy


Amazon has become the mainstream platform for many online shoppers, offering competitive prices, a vast product range, and convenience. While programs like Amazon Prime and Subscribe and Save enhance the shopping experience, costs can still add up. Fortunately, there are various ways to earn free Amazon gift cards, helping you save money on your purchases. In this article, we explore four effective methods to accumulate Amazon gift card credits effortlessly.

1. Take Surveys Through Survey Websites:

Answering surveys online might not be the highest-paying gig, but it provides a simple way to earn extra cash and, in some cases, free Amazon gift cards. Several reputable survey websites offer this option:

Survey Junkie:

Exclusive focus on surveys.

Low $5 cash-out requirement.

Redeem points for Amazon gift cards.


Diverse earning options, including surveys, shopping, and watching videos.

Low-cost gift cards available.

Points system makes earning straightforward.

Pinecone Research:

High-paying surveys ($3 per survey).

Low redemption threshold (300 points, equivalent to $3).

Amazon gift card redemption option.

These platforms provide a feasible way to accumulate Amazon gift cards by investing some spare time.

2. Use the Amazon Trade-In Program:

If you have unused electronics, books, or other eligible items, the Amazon Trade-In Program allows you to exchange them for Amazon gift cards. The process involves:

Selecting the item’s condition.

Choosing return options if the item doesn’t meet expectations.

Preparing and shipping the item using a provided prepaid label.

Waiting for the trade-in to be processed.

While the trade-in value varies, it presents an opportunity to declutter and earn Amazon credits simultaneously.

3. Earn Amazon Cash & Reload Bonuses:

Amazon rewards loyal customers through programs like Amazon Prime and Prime Reload. By using Prime Reload and Amazon Cash, you can earn additional credits:

Prime Reload:

Prime members get a 2% bonus (or more) when reloading their gift card balance.

Simple setup with a U.S. bank account and debit card.

Amazon Cash:

Shop without using a debit or credit card.

Add $5 to $500 at a time using physical locations like Western Union, CVS, and others.

New users may receive a bonus for their initial Amazon Cash deposit.

Utilizing these programs when making purchases can lead to bonus credits and increased savings.

4. Use Shopping Reward Apps:

Several mobile apps and browser extensions offer cash back and free gift cards for shopping. While these won’t make you rich, they can contribute to your Amazon gift card balance:

Fetch Rewards:

Earn points for purchasing partner brands.

Cash-out at 3,000 points for various gift cards, including Amazon.


Browser extension for automatic coupon application.

Honey Gold offers cash back; redeemable for Amazon gift cards.


Rebate app for in-store and online shopping.

Withdraw through PayPal or a variety of gift cards, including Amazon.


Automatic cashback from selected stores.

Redeem Drop points for free Amazon gift cards.

While these apps may not yield substantial amounts individually, using them collectively can enhance your overall savings.


Maximizing your savings on money on Amazon doesn’t always involve cutting back on purchases. By strategically incorporating these methods into your online shopping routine, you can earn free Amazon gift cards and reduce the financial impact of your purchases. From completing surveys to taking advantage of loyalty programs, these approaches offer a hassle-free way to enhance your Amazon shopping experience while keeping more money in your wallet.

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