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Building Dreams: The 6 Best Construction Mortgage Lenders for Your Home Project

Building your dream home needs meticulous planning and, most importantly, the right financing. Construction loans, designed specifically for building homes, come with unique terms and considerations. In this guide, we’ve identified the six best construction mortgage lenders, each excelling in various categories, to help you navigate the complex world of home construction financing.

Understanding Construction Loans:

1. Construction-to-Permanent Loan:

  • Converts into a permanent mortgage when the home is complete.
  • Loan proceeds are paid in installments to the contractor as construction progresses.

2. Construction-Only Loan:

  • Paid off when the building is finished.
  • Borrowers may need to secure a traditional mortgage during the construction process.

3. Renovation Construction Loans:

  • Includes the cost of major renovations in the mortgage.
  • Loan amount is based on the home’s post-construction value.

Challenges of Construction Loans:

1. Approval Difficulty:

  • Obtaining approval for a construction loan is typically more challenging than a traditional mortgage.
  • Lack of a completed house during the building phase makes securing the loan more complex.

2. Down Payment and Credit Score:

  • A typical down payment is 20%, with some programs allowing lower down payments.
  • Credit score requirements vary, with a score of 720 or above often deemed sufficient.

3. Developer Financing vs. Comparison Shopping:

  • Buyers of homes built by developers may receive direct financing or loans through a developer’s partner lender.
  • It’s crucial to compare different construction loans to ensure favorable terms and rates.

The 6 Best Construction Mortgage Lenders:

1. New American Funding: Best for Customer Satisfaction

  • Recognized for high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Offers personalized service and support throughout the construction process.

2. Flagstar: Best for Rate Transparency

  • Stands out for transparent disclosure of rates and terms.
  • Provides clear information to borrowers, aiding in informed decision-making.

3. US Bank: Best for Jumbo Lending

  • Specializes in jumbo construction loans for high-value homes.
  • Offers flexibility and tailored financing options for large-scale projects.

4. Wintrust Mortgage: Best for First-Time Home Buyers

  • Caters to the unique needs of first-time home builders.
  • Guides borrowers through the construction loan process with a focus on education.

5. Movement Mortgage: Best for Variety of Loan Types

  • Offers a diverse range of construction loan types.
  • Offers flexibility to satisfy the specific needs of different borrowers.

6. PrimeLending: Best for Custom Homes

  • Excels in financing custom home construction projects.
  • Tailors loan solutions to accommodate unique design and construction requirements.


Choosing the ideal construction mortgage lender is a pivotal move in transforming your vision of a dream home into tangible reality. Whether your focus lies in customer satisfaction, transparent rates, jumbo lending, or tailored assistance for first-time home buyers, the information here equips you to make a well-informed decision. Delve into the offerings of these leading construction mortgage lenders to discover the best match for your home building journey, and consider utilizing the Personal Capital app to manage your finances effectively throughout the process.

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